The Best Tango Shows in Buenos Aires

Dining at a Tango Show is the best option if you want to experience a different night in Buenos Aires. Do you want to know the best Show?
Tango Shows in Buenos Aires
Tango Shows in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city that you will undoubtedly enjoy, not only for its tourist spots and its food, but because the night is different from any other city.

The capital of Argentina is one of the cities with the most theaters and shows in the world.

But one of the most memorable experiences you can have is going to a Tango Show.

As well as a dance, Tango is a unique artistic expression, in each Show you will be able to enjoy unique music and excellent dancers.

In most of the Show, in addition to the show, you will be able to enjoy a special dinner.

Tango Shows Buenos Aires

Madero Tango

Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo y Av. Juan de Garay

Tel: 011 52393009

Rojo Tango Show

Martha Salotti 445 (Hotel Faena)

Tel: 011 49524111

Teatro Piazzolla Tango

Florida 165 (Galería Güemes)

Tel: 011 40944571

Tango Show Buenos Aires

Av. de Mayo 801

Tel: 011 59544977

Tango Porteño

Cerrito 570

Tel: 011 41249400

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